repository: ioquake3-appimage

ioquake3 AppImage

ioQuake3 is a community effort to continue to maintain and improve the source code of Quake3 released under the Gnu General Public license by ID software.

AppImage is a packaging solution for linux applications, similar to Snap or Flatpak

Quake 3 Arena: (C) Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Id Software, Inc. Do not make illegal copies of the game!

To use it:
  • Read and accept ID software eula
  • Download the latest tgz archive in the releases
  • Unpack it.
  • Overwrite the pak0.pk3 file in the baseq3 folder with the one of your original installation CD.

The first time, start the application in a terminal in order to accept the EULA of ID software.


Docker is used to have a simple, yet consistent build environment.

The Dockerfile does the following steps:
  • Package installation: mostly compiler and libraries
  • Clone of ioq3 git repository (
  • Build of ioq3
  • Download of appimage, pk3 files and demo
  • Packaging in a unified tarball.